Opposing “The Naturalization of Misery:” Mental Health in Academia

Hello all! Outlining my workshop for next Monday. The summaries and readings can be found here. If you could respond with a blog post, that would be great. A brief overview below: 

Required Readings: 

Supplementary readings (pick and choose as your time allows): 

Here are some questions I’m thinking about:

  1. Given the pressures of graduate school, academia, and the structure of the academy, not to mention today’s precarious political and economic climate, how do we maintain healthy lives as graduate students?
  2. How do we address the negative tendencies or harmful thought patterns we see in ourselves? How do we establish good boundaries and cultivate healthy practices?
  3. How do we work to support one another, mindful that some are at greater risk of developing mental health disorders than others? 
  4. How has COVID impacted mental health and mental health resources in the CUNY community? 
  5. How do we take this conscientiousness into the classroom as current or future teachers?

Mental health touches us all personally and differently, and I want to make sure people have space to share as much or as little as they like on this topic. Please feel free to share and reflect on your own experiences on the blog or in class, or not. Any questions/concerns, please let me know. My email is katharineisabelwilliams@gmail.com

Thank you all! Looking forward to discussing.

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